Zentality : The Art of OmniFocus

Today I thought I’d play with headlines a little. But this is not clickbait I actually have a story to tell. Yay! Right story time with Andrea 🙂

Zentality a play on words means meditation + mentality, thus Zentality. Yea I know, lame. Except is it really. Tonight just like every other night I walked out to the patio. Getting ready for the evening. There’s a single chair in the middle of the patio ready for me to sit back and gaze up at the sky usually filled with stars.

As I approach the chair there was already a creature sitting there enjoying the night breeze. Enter The

Enter The Praying Mantis


We locked eyes for just a second, but I decided to let nature have its way for the night. So I walked a few steps to the side enjoying the breeze.  And then I thought, let’s take a picture of this critter who stole my starry night. iPhone up, lens focus, snap and flash… DONE.  And then I wondered how close I could get before he jumped on me.

Snap , flash , snap , flash… No leaping mantis.

After a few minutes of bothering the creature that stole my stars, I decided to take a picture of him under his prize. Afterall, it’s only fitting, right?

Yes, I know I’m very odd. But wait for a second because you’re about to read something a little disappointing.

I began positioning my phone beneath the chair and then to my surprise after that 10 minute ordeal of playing with the praying mantis, this moment was the first time I had actually looked at the sky.

And Guess what?

Dark … Cloudy … No stars in sight. Seriously!    ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻   I mean come on… All that energy and the experience I was seeking didn’t exist.

This reminded me about how we build apps, market new technologies or ideas, and more importantly how those ideas are experienced by others. The great beyond for every marketer is to successfully walk someone through their process. But much to our surprise the thing we often focus on might have 0% affinity to the actual solution.

What is the actual problem?

How can we create a situation where we are Omnifocused? A situation wherein we see everything related to the friction we are observing with true clarity.

In his book, Hacking Growth, Sean Ellis described his experience developing a growth strategy for LogMeIn where he and his marketing team examined and optimized all areas of the platform like copy, landing page, communicating trust. But to no avail those steps which are usually the common problem had no effect on conversions.

Enter a tiny purchase link on the page. And what do you know, this simple programmatic change created a winning formula.

Are you experiencing problems with growth and feel like you’re stuck. Maybe it’s time to develop a Zentality and focus on the entire picture especially things you haven’t considered yet. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at your platform or app. Try something simple, and yes I know simple can be hard but if it was easy it wouldn’t be friction right?

Okay that’s my thought for today. Let me know what you think 🙂 And thanks for following me on this journey.

Who are you talking to – The extraordinary talent of a great marketer

I recently watched a live broadcast by Seth Godin and someone in the audience asked, Do you think growth hacking as a profession will continue to grow. He responded it takes marketers to realize we have to stop calling ourselves marketers (paraphrased of course).  You can watch the rest of it here


I’m a pretty big fan of Seth Godin, it often feels like he understands exactly who he’s speaking to whenever he does anything. You might say that’s common sense but I don’t think so. In fact, I think that being able to speak directly to anyone, speak to the heart of things is a huge accomplishment.

Very few people speak with clarity. Most of it is rhetoric and good home training. What you imagine someone wants you to say instead of the way your original self is the first responder. That would be an interesting conversation.